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Texas A&M Water Conservation Research in Desoto, Texas

DeSoto’s Public Utilities Division Partners With Texas A&M AgriLife

Don’t Waste Water In Desoto

According to the City of Desoto, the “Public Utilities Department has partnered with Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center”. They are offering a series on water efficiency and landscape maintenance. In addition, the class focuses on the techniques used to conserve water and reduce monthly water bills. Who doesn’t want to save money on utility bills? The classes are free of charge to Desoto residents. In order to attend this class, and secure a spot, residents must register online. Considering today’s messages that are cycling throughout the web to conserve resources. This effort could not have come at a better time! In an effort to assure that water will not be overused, most researchers are predicting that: Rain harvesting, a system that provides, and distributes storm water. From a runoff containment, while simultaneously storing water. Which is used for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing clothes; Washing cars, and pressure washing, etc. The water can also be purified for everyday use, such as cooking, and drinking.


Learn All You Can 

Water conservation is not the only perk to the classes being offered by Texas A&M. Included in this free, and informal session is Vegetable Gardening resources. In which Desoto residents are encouraged to know where their food comes from, by growing their own vegetables. The will also learn to properly soil, prepare, and design a garden. As well as disease and insect identification, and the proper time to germinate vegetable seeds. Residents will even be taught when to transplant vegetables into their garden for the season. Classes will be held January 31, 2017, at the parks and recreational building in the Bluebonnet Room. The address is 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd. Desoto, Texas 75115. The times are listed beginning at 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm, assumably allowing time for those who need to transition from a busy work day, and are interested in agricultural and conservation.


Desoto Cares

Holding informative classes like that which Texas A&M has partnered with Desoto to offer, says a lot about the city, and the communities they host. They want their residents to live peaceably with one another, and affordably. So, they are not slacking one bit on building a dynamic, and diverse society. Named an All-America City by the National Civic League. Desoto is a great place to live, and welcomes all prospects! So, don’t miss out on the chance to learn about water conservation, and the opportunity to grow your own fruits and vegetables. This awesome city definitely has its resident best interest at heart!