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Why Do I Have To Pay For A Home Inspection

Why Do I Have To Pay For A Home Inspection

It’s My House I Should Be Able To Decide!

Oh, the dreadful home inspection! Many buyers, once they have found what they consider the perfect house, cringe when they hear the word inspection. Especially if they have to come out of pocket to pay for it. This is where the provocation of fear comes into play. Surely there are a series of thoughts that run through both the seller and the buyer’s minds. Plus on top of that, the expenses and negotiations are kicking into high gear. The questions asked by most homebuyer is “what if I don’t want to get a home inspection? What rights do I have?

Truth Is…

The banks do not require you to have a home inspection to take out a mortgage. As a home inspection is never to be confused with the appraisal requirements. Those are two different things. Where the appraisal is designed to assess the value of the property, a home inspection is specifically to assess the condition of your potential home. So, to answer the questions above… If you do not want to get a home inspection, you do not have too, and that is your right. But! Buyer beware! Once the deal closes, that home and all of its hidden problems now become your problem.

How Does A Home Inspection Benefit Me?

Just look at it this way… Ultimately home inspections save buyers a lot of money in the long run. One reason is that as the buyer, you can negotiate the repairs necessary by asking the sellers to take care of them. Especially if there are:

  • Safety hazards
  • Poor structural designs
  • Water leakages, etc.

And not to mention that damaged appliances which can end up costing buyers big time! A home inspector can spot defects and provide buyers with an itemized list of everything that needs immediate attention.

Will The Sellers Really Agree To The Repairs Necessary?

There is no one for all… However, many motivated sellers are pretty cooperative. They usually take the necessary steps to ensure their homes are safe and livable. They may even add a little more elbow grease to ensure that their home passes the home inspection. Also, keep in mind that home inspectors are thorough and the homebuyers’ safety is their number one priority. Sellers who know this will do all they can to make sure that their home is in tiptop condition.

Still Thinking About It?

Well while you’re at it, consider yourself and your needs as a top priority. Do not look at the cost of the inspection, but weigh the benefits of the investment. Especially if you are not one to make constant repairs. It is always best to have your new home assessed for any damages. Otherwise, as mentioned above failure to get a home inspection can end up hurting you financially in the long run. So, I guess it’s safe to say what you don’t know can hurt you…