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Nextdoor is Partnering With Duncanville, Texas

A City Connected

Duncanville Cares

The City of Duncanville has joined Nextdoor, the private social organization for neighborhoods, to enhance citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor correspondences. Duncanville’s incorporation with Nextdoor will empower the city to create more grounded, and more secure groups within the comfort of Duncanville. The City will have the capacity to post data. For example, imperative news, administrations, programs, free events, and crisis warnings can all be posted to the social media site.


Safety is Everything!

“Partnering with Nextdoor is another approach for Duncanville to continue making its city a safe place to live. Mayor David Green supports the social media claims and believes that it giving residents more roads to effortlessly and adequately interact. As well as to participate in city events. Especially about the things that matter most!

Nextdoor has officially turned out to be a simple and very useful app for all who are utilizing it. In addition, there are more than 40 neighborhoods who have made it the official social platform of their communities. And now 64% of the City of Duncanville, are already putting it to work. The Duncanville Police Department is even on Nextdoor.

What’s Really In It For You?

If you are a resident or thinking of becoming one consider this; Duncanville occupants can use this site to now:

  • Get to know their neighbors better, and by name
  • Keep an eye out, or ask for help locating a pet
  • Find a trusted babysitter
  • Locate and get reviews on the best contractors serving the community
  • Share or sell oldies but goodies
  • Report issues happening in the local community

And overall keep each other informed…


Those keen on joining their neighborhood’s Nextdoor site can visit and enter their address. If you would like to more about this partnership contact the City’s Public Information Office at 972-780-5043.