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Mega H-E-B Store Being Built in Mansfield, TX





Mega H-E-B Coming To Mansfield, Tx

It’s Not Pickiness, It’s Pride!

Mansfield residents welcome the high-quality mega H-E-B Supermarket to your neighborhood. As if Mansfield, Texas is not already considered a desired place to live by its residents. It has also become a desired commercial destination. Possessing plenty of untampered acreages. Many retailers are trying to get the Mansfield city council to approve their request to secure land, and building plans. However, because Mansfield council members take pride in their city, and want to provide their residents with the best living experience possible. They are very particular in how they vote, what groundbreaking retailers they welcome, and how it benefits the community.




Super Savings Coming Your Way

One of those large commercial retailers that have been approved to break ground soon, is H-E-B. The Texas grocery store chain that started off as a mom and pops grocery store, on the first floor of Florence and C.C. Butt’s Kerrville, TX home in 1905. Is now a grocery giant expanding, and buying up properties in North Texas. So, emphasizing on the new zoning plans for H-E-B. Mansfield city council members have unanimously voted to start building at the southeast corner of East Broad Street and U.S. 287. In addition, the development is projected to be nearly 240,000 square feet of retailers and restaurants. However, the actual H-E-B Supermarket will be between 80,000- 106,000 square feet. Mansfield is living up to the desired expectations of both current, and future residents. As they are not only on the cusp of big commerce. But, even bigger savings, in an effort to make luxury living more attainable for their community.




Want To Know More About Mansfield?

Mansfield has not only been voted a top city to reside but as expressed on their convention and tourist site

“Mansfield is a growing city with a rich heritage and bright future. With quality as a goal in everything from development and public facilities to education and recreation, Mansfield is recognized as on of the best places to live, work and play in the country.

For more than 125 years, Mansfield has been a place to call home for thousands of people with a vision to live in a community with the spirit to achieve greatness. We look forward to sharing that spirit with visitors to our city and to the North Texas region”.