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Lancaster Texas- Taking Education To A New Level

Lancaster Texas Is Taking Education to A New Level

Creative Growth

Fall of 2017, Lancaster Texas and its Independent School District has planned to open their first “Fine Arts Academy”. They are adamant about raising up shining stars in their community. Not just in their realm of talents, but in the applications of life! So, if you are planning to relocate to the Dallas- Fort Worth Area. Make sure Lancaster is at the top of your list and brace yourself for this awesome city. Education is everything and the Lancaster independent school district wants to see their children excel all expectations. As they do not only have schools that rank in the top ten percent. They have real programs that fit just about every child’s need.

Fine Expectation’s

Lancaster Independent School District has reported on their site how excited the Fine Arts Department is “about the opportunity of establishing an excellent elementary arts program”. In addition, Lancaster residents are a culture who really believe that implementing this Fine Arts Academy “will promote artistic and academic literacy and are truly cultivating articulate individuals who are able to further themselves creatively”. Henceforth, the academy will enhance and teach different levels of discipline in the areas of music, visual arts, drama, dance, and piano. Which makes it an innovative addition to the City of Lancaster!


How to Apply

New and existing residents can apply to the Fine Arts Academy by visiting the Lancaster ISD website and clicking apply. Afterward, you will see a list of programs, choose the one your child wants to profess and see if the program meets your expectations. Then after you will fill out the form provided in the link, and the rest will be history!