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Lancaster Pet Lovers

Lancaster A City of Pet Lovers

Furry Loved Ones

There are so many furry pets up for adoption in Lancaster. More than the city of Lancaster pet lovers can handle, but they are not quick to abandon their community of pets. Long maintaining a partnership with Petfinder. A pet search engine that has helped thousands of pets find a loving home. Petfinder has also partnered with over 13,000 groups in the United States. All in an effort to save, and house as many animals as they can. As for the city of Lancaster, they are responsible for aiding nearly 300 pets within a 10-mile radius of their facility. They are also very thorough in their pet ownership screenings. You’ll for sure find the perfect pet!



Your New Home Can Be the Perfect Home

This means that the city will not just trust anyone to adopt a pet. Guidelines specifically state that “You must be 18 years old, have a valid Texas driver’s license and fill out the adoption agreement.  State law requires that all pets adopted from an animal shelter be spayed or neutered and vaccinated against Rabies.  You must bring a pre-paid Rabies vaccination invoice from a local veterinarian prior to adopting a pet”. When you love animals as much as Lancaster pet lovers do, you agree that “Owning a pet is a privilege, but the benefits of pet ownership come with responsibilities”. Having a home with space, and yard for your pet to run around in is one great perk.



Pet Parks Keep Our Fuzzy Friends Busy

Most times when the organization is looking to re-home a pet, they are concerned with the care, space, and time the animal will receive. In addition, they want to see that a pet is just as comfortable with their potential owner, as they are in the shelter if not better. That’s why if you are a resident of Lancaster looking to buy a house or relocating to Lancaster and you love animals and feel you have the time to care for a new pet, several options for pet adoption are available right in your very own community. Let’s be honest what makes a home more complete than having a fuzzy family member. There is even an awesome Dog Park in Lancaster located in City Park at 211 W. Belt Line Road.