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Keeping Midlothian Texas Beautiful

Keeping Midlothian Texas Beautiful

Midlothian, Texas is a historical city full of southern charm. There is no doubt of how plenteous the capacity is for growth. As well as the wide open land and opportunity for new construction. Plus on top of it all, Midlothian residents are not slack on their commitments to keeping Midlothian Texas beautiful. In fact, they even have reward systems, that help to promote clean living. The “Beautification Award” targets businesses specifically. Which makes sense, when you think about areas that are frequented and more prone to litter. 


A City On A Mission 

This city is not only rich in Texas pride, but city officials take littering so serious that if a person is caught doing so, they can receive a fine up to $500. Which is why they make it their bet to uphold their city values. You will never have to wonder where you are when you are passing through the city of Midlothian. Simply because all signs will let you know! In an effort to maintain the clean city initiative, The Chamber of Commerce relying solely upon residential volunteers formed a non-profit organization, that trolls the cleanliness, presentation, and upkeep of their businesses and communities. They define themselves as ones who ” serve as a coordinating body for community litter reduction, beautification, and recycling efforts”.


Keep Beautifying Your City

If you are an existing resident of Midlothian or a business owner, then you know all about the beautification award. It is a push to every existing resident, and the city volunteers do not take their jobs lightly. Which is why they are constantly seeking all of the help they can get to keep it going. So, for all of you potential residents who are thinking about relocating to Midlothian, Texas get ready to proudly show how much you love your new city!

How Do I Nominate A Business? 

Glad you asked! Here are more details per the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce KMB site.

This community beautification award is given four times a year and is bestowed upon a Midlothian Business member who has been nominated for their beautification efforts at their business or store. To nominate a business for the Beautification Award, a business must meet the following criteria:


Beautification Nomination Criteria:

Landscaped green spaces (trees, shrubs, flowers, grass kept nice and neat)

Fresh paint

Signs that are neat and well cared for

Seasonal decorating that is visible from the street

A clean, litter free parking lot

Nice window displays No temporary signs or banners

Curb appeal visible from public byways. Is the establishment contributing to the beauty of Midlothian?


Anyone in the community can nominate a business, and a business can nominate themselves for the award. Pictures will be taken of the business in order to assist the judges in the judging process.

Midlothian is definitely headed in the right direction, and if you are planning to move to this awesome city it seems that you are headed in the right direction too!