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Keeping Dallas- Fort Worth Air Clean

Keeping Dallas- Fort Worth Air Clean

One Plane At A Time!

Airplane engineers are Keeping Dallas- Fort Worth Air Clean. One plane at a time! The “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leadership Award for Organizational Leadership” is being awarded to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Thus, the DFW Airport is the only terminal to be recognized for two years in a row by the EPA. Bill Hethcock Staff Writer Dallas Business Journal, reports that the award is designed to acknowledge organizations who have their own comprehensive greenhouse gas inventories. The award also acknowledges the ambition of an organizations emissions reduction goals.

Leading By Example

For this reason, the EPA focuses on those who are exemplifying extraordinary leadership. As a matter of fact, they even monitor the internal response to climate change. As well as the engagement of their peers, partners, and supply chain. DFW Airport is staying the course, and have set out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The airport also selected to increase their proportion of renewable energy by 10 percent, this is more than its original 30 percent portion.

What’s In The Air

The proportion of renewable energy has presented an alternative for fuel fleet vehicles; DFW is now integrating improved energy efficient technology into its facilities. Furthermore, Hethcock reports that “DFW airport has set an absolute target of an annual 2 percent reduction in direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 to 2020”. In addition, a predicted increase and intensity goal of 20 percent greenhouse gas reduction are said to maintain the same period in direct and indirect emissions. Of course, this will be a positive outcome and cause for normalization per the total of DFW passengers.

An Undisputable Record

At any rate, DFW Airport is undisputedly one of the world’s busiest airplane terminals. It is said that an estimated 1,850 flights take place daily. By the same token, the terminal serves well over 60 million travelers annually. In fact, Hethcock writes “It is also one of the highest capacity commercial airports in the world, with seven runways”. In addition, DFW Airport CEO Sean Donohue  states “This year’s recognition proves we are committed to responding to climate change and implementing the emissions reduction initiatives we’ve set in place.” At this point, we can all agree with the EPA Award and Sean Donohue’s statement.

Your Future City

For some of the same reasons Dallas- Fort Worth is a leading city. DFW residents believe and take pride in their city. Even so, the same clean culture to keep Dallas- Fort Worth and its sub-cities beautiful is being applied daily. Many of the local business and transportation departments have a pretty good response to climate change. So, if you are planning to relocate to the Dallas- Fort Worth area, you will not be disappointed!