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IKEA – Coming To Grand Prairie, Texas

Debuting In Grand Prairie!

IKEA is Awesome! From their super low prices, to the cool and easy to assemble furniture! As well as Housewares. Hideaway storage ideas. Little knicks and knacks. Fun decor, and every hidden discovery in between. As a matter of fact they even offer a FREE childcare center for parent shoppers. By the same token, if you find yourself getting a little hungry, you can stop by IKEA’s restaurant! Either before you start your morning furniture hunt with their breakfast, maybe grab an afternoon snack, or calm the beast after shopping all day.

Additionally, there is never a dull moment at IKEA, and if your live-in Dallas in the sub-city of Grand Prairie, and have never visited an IKEA, your chance is not afar off! If you’re not a resident, there has never been a better time to relocate to Grand Prairie. This city is on the rise, and just think if retail giants like IKEA,  Premium Outlets, and other coming soon are building here now. How much room for growth and opportunity the residents of Grand Prairie will receive first privilege to experience. A super smart city and place to build families, business, and partake in both relaxation and fun filled entertainment. That’s why Grand Prairie is no doubt the perfect home for IKEA, and to hang out with family and friends!

IKEA has struck a golden opportunity with the City of Grand Prairie, and construction is underway for a BRAND SPANKING NEW IKEA! This 290,000 Square-foot store is projected to complete in Fall 2017. Not only will it be a resourceful Swedish market, for all those who are waiting anxiously for the Grand Opening. But it will present thousands of NEW JOB opportunities for the residents of Grand Prairie’s booming economy, and its surrounding cities!

Construction is taking place right smack dab off the eastside of South Highway 161 and Mayfield Road.

You Definitely Won’t Miss Out!

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