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Grand Prairie-A City Fit For You!

Grand Prairie- A City Fit For You!

Put Your Running Shoes On!

If you are resident of Grand Prairie, TX, then good health and peaceful living is not a surprise to you. But, Visitors prepare to be wowed! Grand Prairie is not just another city filled with people who are out of touch with their community. Nope! In fact, it is the complete opposite. It is a city of families who make coming together a priority. This city is always hosting something for everyone to do. Single, married, young, or gold this city is fit for you. Most importantly the health of the city and its residents are at the height of Mayor Ron Jensen, and his supporting staff’s interest. That is why Mayor Jensen is inviting the entire city of Grand Prairie, employees, and all to come together for the “Get Fit GP” cause. He will be hosting, as well as participating in the “Get Fit Mayor’s No Frills 5K and Chase the Chiefs 1-mile Run”.

Who Doesn’t Want A Healthy City?

This event, in particular,  is a fun “no frills” event with no race numbers and no cost. It will take place April 1, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. Merchandise and souvenirs to express your support for “Get Fit GP” will be available. Want to take a shorter route? No, problem! There is also the “Chase the Chiefs” fun run that will also begin at 8:30 a.m. Don’t be discouraged if you miss it, this city is always moving. So, there will definitely be other events such as this one. The City of Grand Prairie knows that their residents are the main and most important reason its economy continues to thrive! Being rich in diversity, Grand Prairie is constantly increasing in business and adding more jobs. Their school district is above the national average and not to mention their home-buyers market is on fire (in a great way)! This economy is the definition of healthy, wealthy, and whole! Check out the Grand Prairie website for more information about the 5k Walk/Run, additional excitement, and great reasons to relocate to this top city!