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Grand Prairie- Best Place For Retirement

Grand Prairie- Best Place For Retirement

Grand Prairie, the city known for dreaming big, and playing hard bolsters with free range. It is fresh, family oriented, and full of life. Therefore, this city made it to the top of the Forbes list. Furthermore, it is named one of the best cities to retire. One Forbes contributor says “With the aging of the Baby Boomers, around four million Americans are retiring each year and several times that number are thinking about it”. So, where do they go? That is the question.

Give Me A Reason

Most retirees have been very active all of their working lives, and just desire some place where they can take in the scenery. However, very few understand what it means to really rest. We all know that one person who is supposed to be retired but just can’t sit still.  I’m sure at some point they planned to travel the world, or participate in their bucket list adventures. Yet, they may be busy involving themselves in an array of things. And with that being said, what are some reasons a city would be named a top best place to retire?

Just To Name A Few

As William P. Barret Forbes Contributor puts it “Retirement often means living on less income, but it also presents the chance to relocate to an area with lower costs or one that better suits your retirement plans—whether they involve recreation, culture, education, volunteering, being closer to family or even working part time”. This is why Grand Prairie makes the cut because every attribute and hobby listed this city has it! With grand lakes for fishing, parks, hiking/biking trails and recreation centers there is plenty of room and opportunity. Not to mention the 400+ retirement living facilities encompassed in the city limits, which makes it an affordable place to retire. 

Diversity By Numbers

In such a diverse setting it is hard not to find your place. 

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Many of the researches we have been able to gather factual information take a number of factors into account. Especially accessibility to health care, which becomes a higher priority as we age. Using primary care physicians per capita as a proxy. Drawing data from the U.S. Census and the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care. Also taken into consideration is the air-quality data, as compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency. Grand Prairie, surely does not cut corners as a Dallas – Fort Worth City when it comes to exceeding EPA standards. General weather is said to be a little more subjective, but it is still reviewed. Keeping all this in mind, you can rest assured that there is something for everyone in this thriving city. As well as one of the best places for retirees to find their niche.