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Downtown Arlington Upgrades Underway

Downtown Arlington is busy this season. The city of champions, and it’s mayor, are always looking for ways to improve the enjoyment of it’s residents, and tourist. Arlington is currently undergoing some upgrades. According to NBC news, Larry Collins reports that Arlington is looking into some major upgrades to its Downtown area in an effort to make the city a complete destination city. These are changes that residents have been long anticipating!

Downtown Arlington Upgrades Underway

The two-year, $20 million project on Abram Street satisfies a long awaited desire. Especially, since voters approved a bond package in 2008. “Expect a totally different view once we’re done,” said Assistant Director of Public Works Keith Brooks. The project will be a major face-lift for Abram Street. Which, is in essence, “Main Street Arlington,” and runs in front of City Hall. The changes will happen on Abram Street between Cooper Street and Collins Street.

Get Ready For A Total Makeover!

“A total rebuild calls for wider sidewalks. In addition, to have a plaza area right here in front of City Hall between City Hall and Levitt Pavilion,” Brooks said. “There are going to be street lights, park benches and trash receptacles. It’s going to be a very pedestrian-friendly type of environment.” There is also a plaza planned near City Hall. “We have a brand new council chamber. We have a brand new library down here. So, the idea is that with the street revitalizing, you are going to see more and more growth down here as the years progress,” Brooks said.

On The Right Road

The street reduces to three lanes in some areas to allow for parking changes. “There will be a lot of parking in Downtown Arlington. It will be a combination of back-in angle parking and also parallel parking,” Brooks said. The work takes place in February of 2018. “We understand that two years is going to be a headache for a lot of people, but at the same time we also look at the overall goal of what we are trying to accomplish,” Brooks said. “Which is why we will work with property owners and shop owners and tenants as best we can to accommodate them.”“We believe that everyone out here is going to be satisfied with the final product,” Brooks added.

The Abram Street Project is multi-layered. The city is currently completing the stretch from Collins Street to Stadium Drive and has already upgraded Abram Street from Stadium Drive to Great Southwest Parkway.